A Walk in the Park…

Well, not exactly a walk, but a drive through. 😊

I recently revisited two of the most popular national park destinations in Utah: Zion National Park and Bryce National Park. In my mind, Utah has some of our country’s most extraordinarily beautiful natural landscapes and perhaps the most national parks of any state.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park

I recently spoke to a family member, who has not been to Utah and visited any of its National Parks or monuments, or even visited the Grand Canyon in neighboring Arizona, for that matter. Like many things, a simple description, and even the best photographs, cannot truly capture or convey all their beauty and awesomeness – you simply have to go and BE there to really appreciate it. However, since Zion is one of the most accessible parks, in which you can drive through the heart of the canyon, I thought I would create a simple video, to partly show the scope and size of one of these national treasures to those who might not otherwise be able to fathom it.

Of course, a drive through Zion only skims the surface of the park’s depth, in which there are multiple destination shuttle rides and hiking paths where you can view Zion’s various canyon features; its many mountain peaks, pools and streams, meadows, and its wildlife.

Here’s the video, of mostly unedited raw footage, of a drive through Zion National park, from West to East through the park:

Video: Drive through Zion (posted on DropBox)

NOTE: While the video is long (about 35 minutes), you can always fast-forward through the recording!

BTW, if you visit Zion, Bryce National Park is only just about half-an-hour drive from the east exit from Zion, where you can see a totally different spectacle of nature, and view the effects of what millions of years of geological activity, water, rain, and wind can create. Both parks might be recommended as education for Bible literalists, who might think the earth is only several thousand years old. 😊

Here are a couple of links to Wikipedia info on both Zion and Bryce:

Zion National Park Web Site
Bryce National Park Web Site

I’m also including here links to some personal photos of Zion and Bryce national parks posted on Flickr:

Zion photos posted on Flickr web site
Bryce photos posted on Flickr

Parting Note:

Bryce Canyon is actually part of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, whose size the Trump administration has recently proposed to substantially reduce in size, to allow more exploration of mineral, gas, and oil resources. (Those activities are already conducted under management by the BLM within the monument’s boundaries, but are slated for increase and likely less environmental regulation and management.) I hope that this will not be a bad thing. One thing I might note however, and something that many people might not be aware of or think about, is that the current transportation infrastructure and roadways connecting many of Utah’s national parks and monuments is rather limited, and I might add somewhat challenging and treacherous. So, I don’t relish the thought of sharing the roadways with the increased traffic and larger numbers of semi-truck trailers and large haul equipment that is likely to ensue. Encountering the current numbers of semi-trucks and trailers on narrow two-lane roads already freaks me out! 😊